Submitted to I, Anonymous:

To the asshole attending Tron in Imax:

Where do you get off being such an idiot? The girl had Tourette's; that's why she couldn't stop making sounds during the film. You were far more annoying, sir, interrupting the movie to humiliate her with no good reason beyond the fact that she was bothering you. As far as I know, you knew that she had Tourette's and still wanted to be the biggest dick in the theater. I'm glad security kicked your sorry ass out of the theater. I just wish they would have kicked your teeth in beforehand; you got off too easy.

To the girl:

I'm sorry none of us had the balls to stop him in time. There is no apology good enough; we should have told him to shut up or called an usher to get him out of there earlier, but we didn't. Please know, though, that my friends and I are firmly on your side. I wish there was something we could do to make it up to you, but I doubt it. There are understanding people out there; it's just the assholes who speak the loudest. I promise you, if that happens again to you or anyone else with a disability and I'm around, I won't let the asshole be the only voice that's heard. You have my word.

Let the righteous bashing of Seattle passive-aggressiveness begin!