Amazon launched their App Store yesterday, providing a new way for Android developers to sell their apps. The terms are what was expected, and similar to Apple's App Store terms: $99/year fee, and Amazon takes 30% of the revenue.

One notable difference is that Amazon is leaving it up to the developers to use DRM or not:

For each app that you submit to the Appstore, you can choose to apply DRM or make your app available without any rights management constraints. If you do choose to apply DRM to one of your apps, you must use the DRM system provided by Amazon through the Amazon Appstore Developer Portal.

This sounds like a great move by Amazon and good news for Android developers and users. Google's Android Market hasn't proved very successful for devs or users, but Amazon will almost surely be much better at this. Giving developers a solid platform to make a living developing for Android will only accelerate the platform's growth, though it will make the "everything in the world should always be free!!!!" crowd lose their minds (again).

Developers can get started with the program here.