The raven-haired Mr. Hernandez—whom you know as the guy in The Shins and Little Cuts and the Intelligence and Puberty (hold on a sec, are there any bands Hernandez isn't in?)—is joining us tonight at the reading party, too.

If you've never been and you like sitting and reading in nice big chairs near fireplaces while waiters bring you things, you really ought to join us tonight. 6 pm, Sorrento Hotel. Here's more about what the reading party is, and here's a list of the other special guests tonight.

Then we should all go to Vito's afterward. And by we I mean the entire city.

If you want to come but don't own any books, a friendly tip: The new issue of The Stranger is out on streets today—and free as ever!—and features the can't-miss conclusion to Brendan Kiley's series on tainted cocaine and the dirty secrets of the illegal drug trade.