A thousand and one nice people forwarded me this mashup video of Showgirls visuals set to the audio of the Black Swan trailer, but for a variety of reasons I'm only getting around to posting it today. If you haven't seen it already, you must.

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Speaking of which, I recently found myself at a party with someone who worked as a producer on Black Swan, who told me I was responsible for introducing her to Showgirls and that she was frequently reminded of Verhoeven's crap masterwork while watching Black Swan come together. I agreed that there are undeniable parallels between the films—beyond the shared dancy All About Eve-isms, there are what feel like Aronofsky's salutes to Showgirls, from the lighting on Nina as she Claims Her Power Onstage to her rampage through the halls over understudy issues to the shot of her receiving a congratulatory bouquet from her starmaker. We both agreed that Showgirls would've made a lot more sense if Nomi had been explicitly identified as psychotic.

A couple other things I have to say about Black Swan (which I LOVED) can be found in the Suggests section of the new paper.