In Case You Missed It: State officials will sign a $1.9 billion contract with Seattle Tunneling Partners to build the deep-bore tunnel at media event on Thursday.

DC Transitions: GOP takes charge of House, and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs will relinquish his post next month.

Tragic: One member of the Seattle couple attacked with a blowtorch in Puerto Rico has died.

Virtually Creepy: UW professor sued for alleged cyber-stalking.

America's Rain of Dead Birds: The poison gas/murdered government official conspiracy theory.

Even Cowboys Get the Blues: Tom Robbins quits the Village Voice to protest the paper's firing of Wayne Barrett.

Because No One Man Can Replace Dave Niehaus: Mariners might replace the broadcasting legend with a revolving group of announcers.

Finally, happy birthday to Diane Keaton, the American actress (and infrequent Stranger contributor) born on this day in 1946. Keaton has spent the past decade impressing no one by playing hammy old ladies, but oncee upon a time she was a comic genius. Here's unimbeddable proof.