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Comedians Scott Moran and Andy Haynes, who abandoned Seattle for New York City, will be making their triumphant return to Laff Hole tonight (Chop Suey, 9 pm). Also on the bill: TBTL's Luke Burbank! I sat down with Andy (virtually, using a computer) and asked him a couple of stupid questions:


LW: Hey, Andy! Why should people come to the show tonight?

AH: People should come to the show tonight because we have a basement full of Croatian children and if we don't get the audience we need for tonight's show we're going to harvest their organs for billionaire sashimi that only Paul Allen and Sir Richard Branson eat, but to be fair the money from said sashimi sales will be donated to Northwest Harvest and my salvia addiction. Also there's an awesome lineup, and we're going to make this a really great show tonight.

LW: Do you think you're better than us just because you live in New York now?

AH: Yes.

LW: Say something funny.

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AH: I won't bring a gun to your next house party. You can elaborate on that.*

*Okay. One time in high school Andy brought a gun to my house. And I killed him with it. Not really, but I wanted to.