But they're still alive, thanks to some of you. From their newsletter today:

Good News from the Cinema

Well, we made it, sort of. The best neighborhood in the world came through, not a lot of you actually, but enough. We sold enough seats to buy time and pay the back rent. We're not out of the woods yet. In fact, we've got a lot of challenges ahead of us, the debt, and the sprinklers among them, but we've gotten into calmer waters, we're still here and we're going forward. Now that we've survived, it's the start of a new era for the cinema. If you didn't buy a seat while things were in doubt, there's still time to buy one now and join that elite group of visionaries who saved a cinema.

It's a really good deal too. Normally five hundred dollars, they're going fast at only $100 and we need to sell a lot more of them. Own a seat. Support a neighborhood cinema. And we want to give humble and heartfelt thanks to all you wonderful people who bought seats and gave us and the community the best Christmas present ever. Thank you.

Early January Slump

We're in it. No prints are available for anything new because the studios in their wisdom didn't make enough. So we wait and stick with what we've got, namely The Tourist, Hornet's Nest, Tangled, Fair Game and Narniaall of them excellent movies and your last chance to see them. Coming up January 14 are The Black Swan and The Green Hornet. True Grit and The Fighter will be available at end of January or possibly sooner.

And that's it. See you at the movies at least one a month remember.