RIP, Vessel.
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  • RIP, Vessel.


Later, tons of new restaurants. But first—because everybody loves a funeral!—here's what's newly no longer with us:

VESSEL downtown: After multiple rumors of closing, the Seattle cocktail-revival original is officially dead—Vessel was the first place in town where each drink on the menu bore a date, a place of origin, and a composer. Here's a review from the time machine, back when fancy ice cubes were still a novelty.

THE BEACON PUB on Beacon Hill: Supposedly moving, but still, another great dive bites the dust.

RIZZO’S FRENCH DIP in Ballard: The owner—an admitted felon with at least one alias—rescued a toddler from a fiery car wreck, then moved to L.A., allegedly leaving landlord and employees in the lurch. Want to see the movie version of his life NOW.

HIDMO in the Central District: Good restaurant, great cultural center (though sometime center of controversy): RIP. Hidmo will hopefully, eventually reopen in Washington Hall, but meanwhile: BOO!

THE BOHEMIAN in West Seattle: It was weird.

LUNCHBOX LABORATORY in Ballard: The place with the really expensive, really good burgers (though the turkeyburgers are—gasp—Butterball); chef/owner Scott Simpson (he of the really bizarre backstory) confirmed by phone that it will be revived in the Southlake Grill space in South Lake Union this month.

ToST in Fremont: According to Facebook, there's "a new ownership team," with reopening in a few weeks in the works (though we can't reach anyone to verify).

MAHARAJA CUISINE OF INDIA on Capitol Hill: Indisputably had vermin, but still, ANOTHER great dive—the last on Capitol Hill (the Comet doesn't count)—bites the dust. RIPs and rat-sighting reports over here.

AFRIKANDO AFRIKANDO in Hillman City: a Senegalese spot people really liked. Sad sad!

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DON EDUARDO in the U-District: Wacky tile, "bad food, worse service" (according to a reader-reviewer)—adios.

TOTEM HOUSE in Ballard: A neat old place with good fish 'n' chips, overcome by the bad economy. A man named Darryl had a chocolate milkshake there every day for 14 years. Cry.