Take it away, Emily Heffter:

Local architect David Schraer has filed to run against Seattle City Councilmember Jean Godden in this year's council races. He's among the first to file his paperwork with Seattle Ethics and Elections. Schraer is pro-tunnel and a critic of Mayor Mike McGinn. The most-recent headline on his blog is "McGinn, Yuppie Environmentalist."

Of the five council members up for reelection, Godden may be particularly vulnerable. Not only the most senior member of the council (if she stays in the race and is reelected, she'd be 84 by the end of her next term), Godden has been budget chair for several years—focusing on bills relating to the mechanics of finance—but hasn't sponsored the sort of signature legislation lately that makes for an inspirational platform. In other council candidates: Dorsol Plants, who ran against Sally Bagshaw in the 2009 primary, has filed but hasn't declared which incumbent he'll challenge; Darryl Carter-Metcalf has filed to run against Tim Burgess.