As Eli said, to celebrate the Republicanization of our government, the entire Constitution is being read aloud on the House floor today. When they got to the part about the president being a natural-born citizen, a crazy Birther started shouting from the balcony about how Obama is a Kenyan who shouldn't legally be president. The screamer was arrested. Wonkette has video of the disruption:

That's some mighty fine gavel-smashing. Think about what this screaming Birther's morning was like. She woke up and thought to herself: "Oh! Today is the day that they read The Constitution aloud! What a proud day in American history! At last, our Congress will remember what they are doing in Washington D.C. and they will stop funding roads and fire departments! Say, wait a minute. They're going to read the clause about our president being a citizen! Obama's not a citizen! Maybe if I go and lie in wait and then remind people of this fact—I might have to be a little loud, but so did Patrick Henry, after all—they will finally reveal Obama as a fraud, and he will be sent to prison and Obamacare will be repealed and Ronald Reagan will be president again! Yes," she thought to herself, "That is exactly what I will do." Enjoy jail, idiot.