"The direct analysis of the state of being alive must never go below the order of organization which characterizes life; it must confine itself to the combination of compounds and, therefore, certainly never below these... The physicist aims at the least, the indivisible, particle of matter. The study of the state of being alive is confined to the organization which is peculiar to it..." And also its environment. Susan Oyama's developmental systems theory picks up where E.E. Just, the brilliant black American cytologist, ended seventy years ago. As has been said many times before, water cannot be predicted from an analysis of its individual elements. Life also cannot be predicted by an analysis of its elements. What's needed is a system or process analysis. A human life is nothing but the total interaction of these elements and its interaction with a natural and cultural environment. Indeed, so tied are we to the type of world we find ourselves in that its motion around the sun, and the sun itself, is in our genes.