Dear Mr. Savage,

I read your blog and enjoy it, as well as your various appearances on television, and all of your books. You are hugely entertaining and much like Jon Stewart, you are providing young people some very important information and in your case, advice. Your “It gets better” project is wonderful. I believe you are literally saving lives with it. However, you said in your Chicago interview that coming out is an event for gay people. I wanted you to know that isn’t necessarily so. My 17 year old daughter came out to me and her father about six months ago. We were not surprised as she had been mentioning it as a possibility for a couple of years. She gave boys a fair shake and announced that she just wasn’t into the penis (more or less her exact words) after dumping her latest boyfriend on an afternoon date. That was that. There was no dramatic reveal, no tears. I’m pretty sure none of us were even sitting down.

I can’t say that her father and I don’t have reservations. We do, although we have said nothing to her because these are simply lingering shadows from our own upbringing and ultimately mean nothing. She is loved and she and any woman she brings home are welcome—end of story. As for school, she was always one of the quirky kids as are her friends. They accept her. There is also no bullying. The GSA is an active club in our high school and has been for some time. The school’s administration is rabidly anti-bullying, too, and they put actions to words.

My son is in ninth grade and he recently told me a friend of his from grade school has now identified as a boy and has asked everyone to call her (now him) by a new name. I don’t know how this is playing at the other child’s home, but my son and their friends again think nothing of it. My son told me over dinner the same way he tells me far more mundane things.

Granted we live in a very small, very affluent suburb of Boston. Things would be quite different for my children in other areas of the country, I know. But you are right: the haters are losing.

Thank you,

Attorney, Mother, Published Erotica Writer (maybe that’s one reason why my kids know they can tell me anything?)

PS: I called Sen. Brown’s office and gave them what-for the first time he (the rat-bastard) voted against DADT. I’d like to think many people in Massachusetts did the same to turn him around. Thank you for making it so easy to locate his phone number.