This has always been the case: Comic book fans find any amount of mainstream attention to be wildly gratifying. And so I expect a lot of comic book fans will be going to The Grand Illusion this weekend to watch the documentary Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods. That's as it should be. After all: Morrison is the best mainstream comics writer in the business right now. His run on Batman is actually a fascinating, fresh take on a worn-out concept. (And in case you were wondering: Morrison is the exception to the rule.) And the documentary does a good enough job telling his story, with tons of interviews with comics professionals and friends, contextualizing Morrison's history with the history of the comics industry. There's not a lot of new information here; if you've read lengthy interviews with Morrison that have already been published—especially in The Comics Journal—you know just about all of this. But if you're a hardcore comics fan, you'll go anyway, because it's always fun to see comics treated seriously in another medium.

So the question is: Should non-comics nerds go to this movie? No. I think less-than-avid fans would get lost and, frankly, it's amateurish filmmaking all the way through. From the cheesy soundtrack to the poorly edited shots, it's kind of a mess. But if you're a comics nerd, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to go see this movie in a theater packed with other comics nerds. It should be a fun night out.