Yesterday, posted this headline about the proposed deep-bore tunnel: "Done deal: State signs $1.1 bil tunnel contract." So the tunnel's all sewn up now, is it?

Bull humping feces.

Yeah, yeah, I think the tunnel is an overpriced, under-performing project that shouldn't be built. Bias aside, it's absurd for anyone to claim that signing this contract makes the tunnel a "done deal." Still ahead: the city approving contracts, a study on the tunnel's impacts, the state reaching a point of decision, a flood of inevitable lawsuits, two tunnel initiatives (one certain to be on the ballot and its lawsuits), and—and this one may turn out out to be the one that rings the death knell—potentially insurmountable questions about unresolved financing.

Look, I'm as tired of writing about this project as you are of reading about it. But either side you're on, this air-of-inevitability is a charade being put on by highway officials. And while the PI article acknowledges the obstacles ahead, the talking points coming out of Olympia and from the city council, and headlines like this are, at best, misleading. That contract means nothing until this proposal is approved. And it's still up to the tunnel backers to make their case that this thing on paper is feasible.