Slog tipper Shannon wants us to see this post by Bristol Palin:


What? That's outrageous! Bristol Palin calling her mother out on Twitter? What could that possibly mean? Could it mean that Bristol is finally showing her independence from mom?

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Or could it—as Eli Sanders just suggested, here in the office—mean that Sarah Palin is getting ready to fire her writing staff as sacrificial lambs in order to separate herself from the shootings? That way, when she's being interviewed on the campaign trail in 2012 and asked about the shootings, Palin will be able to say "I did make a mistake—I hired some people who took the conversation in a direction that, in hindsight, was probably unwise. But I recognized my mistake, and I fired them. Even Ronald Reagan made mistakes; the difference between a good leader and a bad leader is that a good leader learns from her mistakes." Staging all this as the outcome of a family drama would only make it a more delicious spectacle for the media and continue the rehabilitation of Bristol Palin in the eyes of Sarah's Christian followers. Let's see how this shakes out.

UPDATE: Or it could be fake.