It's snowing lightly and picturesquely at the Stranger Weather Center atop Capitol Hill, but we've got some blue sky peeking through. Today's supposed to be mostly sunny, tonight clear with a low of 26 degrees (not as cold as our neighbors to the north by a long shot, but for us wusses, plenty cold).

Then the National Weather Service is predicting a little snow tomorrow and tomorrow night, with a possible accumulation of a couple inches. Then, Wednesday, rain with a high of 43 promises to slush it all away.

Cliff Mass confirms: snow is out, rain is in, and offers this "philosophical question":

...with all the uncertainty at 4-7 days out, is my field doing the population a service telling them what might happen?

...this because yesterday and in the days before, forecasts were calling for 8 to 10 inches of snow on Wednesday, with the all-encompassing and beautifully worded caveat "GREAT UNCERTAINTY INHERENTLY EXISTS."