In Mexico, where vicious fighting among government forces and drug-trafficking organizations is a daily occurrence, news of the Arizona attack ran side-by-side with stories about a sensational slaughter in the resort city of Acapulco, where 15 decapitated bodies, with the heads scattered around them, were left at a shopping mall Saturday.


The Iran plane crash that killed 77 Sunday involved an aircraft bought second-hand 37 years ago, not uncommon in a fleet further hobbled by poor maintenance and a shortage of US-made spare parts.


ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — The newly elected president of this troubled republic in Africa's tropics cannot leave his hotel. And neither can the linens on which he sleeps - except by helicopter.

They are flown out to be dry cleaned across town and flown back at night, just like everything else that comes or goes from the resort hotel where Alassane Ouattara took refuge last month after he was declared winner of the Nov. 28 election.

Sing your song, brother Bob Marley. Sing your song, sister Mahalia Jackson.