In Case You Missed It: The Seahawks—aka the worst team ever to make it to the playoffs—beat the defending Super Bowl Champions, and some barely-legal lunatic gunned down a bunch of innocent people outside an Arizona Safeway.

Sarah Palin's Promotional Crosshairs: Perhaps tied to the deaths in Tucson, definitely responsible for the death of her presidential chances.

It Begins: The inquest into the fatal shooting of John T. Williams.

Meanwhile in NYC: Male model arrested after allegedly murdering and castrating Portuguese journalist.

A Seriously Divisive Election: Tens of thousands of people across Southern Sudan are voting in a referendum that likely will split Sudan into two separate nations.

"Attack a Teacher Day": Facebook campaign leads to arrest of six middle schoolers.

Finally, in lighter news, here's the Catholic-angering Doritos ad you won't be seeing during the Super Bowl (which is fine, because it's stupid).