You really gotta. It will reorganize all your thoughts on legalization, especially if you think, as Brendan did when he started working on the series, that marijuana should be legalized but harder drugs shouldn't.

Also in the piece: some details about the carnage in Mexico (the drug-related deaths in the last three years alone are equivalent to the attacks on the World Trade Center 10.9 times), the surprising perspective of a retired Coast Guard captain and a former Seattle police chief, facts about drug prohibition's racist history (there's a quote in there from the New York Times in 1914 that you're not going to believe), the story of the first American civilian killed by the American military since the Kent State massacre, the amount of money that legalizing drugs would put into the U.S. economy per year ($76.8 billion), and much more, including this awesome first sentence: "I'm sitting on a couch with a Seattle drug dealer while he freebases heroin."

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