Our own Anthony Hecht just downloaded all the Beck backgrounds from Glenn Beck's website. Here they are:

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Let's see...we've got Balloon-blowing Beck, Chalkboard-wielding Beck, Scientist Beck, Nazi Beck, Uncle Sam Beck, Flannel-wearing Manly Boulder-heaving Hulk Beck...wait, isn't there a Glenn Beck missing from this list of Glenn Becks? In the detail of this vertical view of Glenn Becks, it seems as though #5 has been deleted.

Oh, yeah! Gun-toting Glenn Beck! That's weird: Anthony says he got every single Glenn Beck from the website...where'd he go? Say, you don't think Glenn Beck scrubbed an image of himself holding a gun from his website, do you? Whyever would he do that for? Maybe because he finally realized that violent images promoted by political figureheads can provoke the mentally unhinged (who make up Beck's primary constituency) to commit violent acts? Or would that be expecting too much of Beck?