The SECB is sitting down with Michael Maddux, vice-chair of events for the 43rd District Democrats, who is attempting to unseat incumbent Will in Seattle's seat in the all-important race for executive board of the 43rd District Democrats. The winner earns a seat on the estimable King County Democratic Central Committee.

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Here's Michael and Will right now:


One quote so far: "A blog comment doesn't represent an official position of anyone or anything."

Got a question? Put it in comments and I'll ask. The SECB will issue an endorsement later this week.

UPDATE: In comments, sponic asks, "Boxers or Briefs?"

Michael Maddux: "Always briefs, right now black."

Us: "Will, no! You don't need to show us!"

Will in Seattle: "Which ones are boxers and which are briefs? [We explain which is which.] Boxers with kind of a tartan effect."

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UPDATE 2: Raku in comments asks Mr. Maddux: "Do you believe 'T' should be taken out of LGBT per your online post? Do you believe trans gender people are 'mentally ill' as stated in your online post?"

Says Maddux: "I don't think I have ever made disparaging comments about the transgender community, and I have plenty of transgender friends. The comment I made was in reference to that transgender people are technically part of the DSM IV, which is a diagnosed thing that can lead to sex change operation, a gender reassignment surgery... It was more of a joke comment than anything else. I am not anti-transgender in any way. LGBT is an all-encompassing group."