It's MLK Jr. Day! In unrelated celebrations, a Fremont pie shop, simply called Pie, is offering three mini pies for $3—today only—to celebrate the owner’s Golden Globe win (she helped edit Toy Story III) and South Seattle mothers celebrate getting their own monthly breastfeeding support group. (Sorry boob fetishists, babies only.) Hurrah!

Via West Seattle blog, family and friends of a West Seattle man who's been missing since early Christmas morning will hold a candlelight vigil next Sunday to bring awareness to his disappearance outside of the Admiral Pub, the place he was last seen.

In other disappearances, where did the yellow traffic bumps in Maple Leaf go? Maple Leaf retirees want answers, and information from SDOT is not forthcoming. OUTRAGE! A bigger concern is, what do you even call those things? Turtles?

A U-District resident is reporting a new twist to the old locked-out-of-my-apartment scam. This time the alleged scam-artist allegedly poses gay and asks for $3 to pay a locksmith. The scam works because the straights believe that like George Washington, gays cannot tell a lie. Meanwhile, according to the Rainier Valley Post, another door-to-door scam took place last week, only this time the alleged scam artists posed as city workers and targeted elderly victims. In this incident two people entered a woman's home, one of them distracted her while the other stole some jewelry. City workers? Elderly victims? Take a cue from your neighbors up north and show a little more flair, please!