Eighteen-year old Lance Lundsten died on Saturday as a result of a suicide attempt, according to KSAX-TV. Lundsten’s friends say he was gay and that he was bullied at Jefferson High School in Alexandria, Minn.... A Facebook group, Jefferson Anti-Bully Coalition, was organized over the weekend in response to the reports that bullying may have led to Lundsten’s death. “The school’s staff isn’t protecting us, it’s up to the students to help each other,” wrote a student who founded the group.

The Minnesota Independent reports goes on to note that Jefferson High School does have anti-bullying policies—but that the school's anti-bullying program covers "race, sex, religion, ethnic background, physical or mental handicaps," but doesn't cover sexual orientation or gender identity. Chad Duwenhoegger is the principal at Jefferson and you can write him a letter by clicking here. Let him know that his school's anti-bullying program is inadequate.

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UPDATE: Another:

Eleventh grade Slippery Rock High School student Tiffani Maxwell shot herself on Saturday morning. Maxwell’s family believes bullying is to blame for her death. Maxwell was expelled last week. The family said students told teachers they saw Maxwell do drugs. "She got text messages, saying 'Tiffani you're in rehab.' 'You're on drugs,'" said Maxwell's mother Sandy. Maxwell’s parents said their daughter wasn’t on drugs and they were just rumors.