Last week, all humanity thrilled to the footage caught on a mall security camera of a walking-and-texting woman falling into a fountain. This week, the once-anonymous woman is doing an airing-of-grievances media blitz, complete with threats of legal action against those who made her hilarious klutziness an internet sensation.

Here's falling mall lady's appearance on ABC News:

And here's what she told CBS:

Cruz Marrero says what does hurt is "the humiliation (from the video having been put online). The humiliation. Ask my husband: I cried for days. … You don't know how many people are laughing at me."

Does a person have a reasonable expectation of privacy in a mall? (I say no.) Is uploading mall surveillance footage to YouTube (or allowing it to be shot on a cell phone and then uploaded to YouTube) a firing offense? (I say yes.) Is this woman likely to see any money for her pain and humiliation? I have no idea, so have it at, armchair lawyers o' Slog.