Tonight! Tomorrow night! The night after! And the night after that!

Inimitable madman Crispin Hellion Glover will be in town all weekend screening his films What Is It? and It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine.

Kelly O interviewed Glover a couple years back:

Can you tell me a bit about the sequel, It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine!?

I was working on another film, up in Salt Lake, when I was given a screenplay written by this fellow, Steven C. Stewart, a man with a very severe case of cerebral palsy. Stewart had been locked in a nursing home for a number of years after his parents had died. They labeled him a “M.R.”—a “mental retard”—yet he was of normal intelligence. This screenplay he wrote, though not a strict autobiography, had a fantastical, psychosexual element to it… almost like folk art. It was fascinating to read, and I said, “THIS is a movie I want to produce.” Also, Steve Stewart is the man in What Is It? who chokes me and kills me in the end of the film. Ultimately, this [trilogy] is my psychological reaction to a certain kind of frustration I have with corporate control of the content in our media. Right now, anything that makes an audience uncomfortable, with any kind of taboo, will be necessarily excised, or will not be distributed. I think it’s a very damaging thing to have happening to the culture.

And #1: Here is the awesomely weird trailer for What Is It?:

And #2: I spent an entire weekend in 2008 watching Glover's films and subsequent Q&As at the Broadway Performance Hall. I wrote about it here.

Out in the lobby, a young woman announced, "I describe my reaction as... bad" (maybe she was expecting Danny Glover?). Nearby, a dude said, "I thought about challenging him, but I thought to myself, 'What kind of a place is this for an AR conversation?'" AR stood for "animal rights," and "animal," in this case, stood for "snail." That's big of you, dude.

Whatever your opinion of Glover, he is not boring.

And #3: This seems like as good a reason as any to re-watch Tom Wilson's song about being Biff.

"How's Crispin Glover?"
"Never talk to him."