We're getting letters like...

slog background. Tattoos. Whaat??


why are you letting someone anonymously fuck up the aesthetics of slog?

well other than the cash, of course

you can do more complicated/site-integrated advertising but you gotta do it right. hate to say it, but go look at how the various gawker media sites create whole new site templates for ads and they pull it off really well.

tip: slog looks like shit right now

tip #2: i have no idea who captain red rectangle and grey circle is and i don't plan on finding out anytime soon by clicking on any of that crap that is fucking up my like #3 time waster at work

but that's just like my opinion, man

I was as confused as anyone, but then I remembered—oh yeah, it's that Strangercrombie thing. According to our advertising department, a local guy bought this item—Ad Bomb the Hell Out of Slog for one day—because he wanted the world to see this design of his that has personal meaning to him. He's not trying to sell anything or get out any message.

It's true that we did it for the cash, but for what it's worth we didn't keep any of it: All the cash he paid to put his art up on Slog today went to charity.