Barbara Bush—George Bush's Daughter—Supports Marriage Equality!


That anyone ever fell for it at all is amazing. But some must have because 1/3 of self-identified gay voters in the midterms voted GOP. what the hell? And if anyone tries to explain this by saying they were voting for their wallets, I'll say that either a shit load of gay voters are billionaire CEO bankers or 1/3 of gay voters are about as oblivious to GOP policies for the middle class as they are about GOP policies on gay rights.
Well, would you rather her not come out for marriage equality? Every little bit helps.
Republicans are America's Mubarak. Old, backwards, and never in the interest of freedom and justice
Let's elect her to...something.
@1 As the saying goes the problem with the American Dream is that it makes us all worry for the time when we'll be rich. People deserve the government they choose. My town is losing cops and firemen and the schools are in the toilet. They've just given up on the kids and no one seems to notice. They just keep voting republican.
@3 Vince, I like that analogy.
You wanna see some gay Republicans? Try this. Post something attacking the Obama administration for foot-dragging on something -- DADT, for instance -- and watch them come out of the woodwork.
Gay marriage? Let's ban Republican divorce.
I agree that this support from fringe righties doesn't change the real views of elected officials (although hopefully some of them will actually advocate for pressuring the elected officials).

But the best thing about this is that the ABC link says "barbara-bush-campaigns-sex-marriage-joins-lady-vice." Hee! Lady vice! That is indeed what she's supporting. Well, half of it.
Which would you rather have: a 100% anti-gay opposition party, or a 90%-and-declining anti-gay opposition party? Fact is, both parties are about more than this one issue, and otherwise gay-loving voters find it hard to swallow the Democrats' political load whole.
i never did fall for this shit, thank you.
Why is the HRC giving this Legacy Brat -- and privileged daughter of a war criminal -- any attention at all with their video release? Hey HRC! No one cares what this idiot thinks about our relationships. Just like Meghan McCain, these Duchesses of the GOP have no influence on the party at all.

Way to march into irrelevance.
From Wyoming :(
Thank you, Dan! It's very nice that she is supportive. She should show up in one of the states you mentioned - other than NY - if she wants to embarrass her father further. Otherwise she should have tea with the McCain gals and the Cheney fuckers and the GOProud dolts that have an agenda completely separate from anything related to LGBT rights.
I emailed Dan a link to a story about Barbara Bush.

I didn't do it because I thought it meant the Republican party was becoming less anti-gay. I did it because the more family members of prominent Republicans express their pro-gay-rights views, the more stupid, out of touch, and hypocritical those prominent Republicans look.
Republicans, every last man jack of them, are scum. Garbage human beings. That's all you need to know.
I agree that it doesn't do much in terms of changing public policy, but it can help a little to change public perception. Getting support from unexpected people does help gay equality look more mainstream.
Hear, hear! (So to speak, heh.)

But what exactly IS "pole-smoking"? Curious minds...

Her coming out in favor of equal rights should not be regarded as a reflection in any way on GOP politics. What it does show (along with other children of pole smokin conservatives), is a massive generation gap in the way we view the gay community.

Our generation is finally starting to affect the professional and political worlds, and we are nothing like our parents.
I like Dan's point. Don't put a whole lot of hope in that silver lining. The cloud is still there and it's fierce.
@4 While I agree with you in part, your analogy really only works if we pretend that the Republican party isn't shifting away from anyone. When you consider the current party platform's conflict with positions and policies of past leaders like Reagan, Nixon, and Eisenhower or the increasing centralization of Justice Kennedy, given this longstanding trend, people will either need to change their personal ideology or party identification, although cognitive dissonance, misinformation and candidate rounding may allow that to stretch well beyond a reasonably predictable point.

Then again, given that anybody happy used to be gay, it may be you're correct.

@17 I think that Lincoln and Eisenhower, both Republicans, rate somewhat better than scum and wish I could think of a modern example. Still, as I argued above, I think there are otherwise decent people who have not yet shed their Republican identification even though it clashes with their underlying decency.

Still, I am willing to agree that anyone still voting Republican is creating or perpetuating dire evils.
@16. Very true! It makes it worth it for them to come out in support. It's Generation X'ers and Generation Y'ers that will make the difference, so the more of us that are in support of gay marriage, the better! Don't care who their parents are, and I'm not under any delusions that the GOP is becoming less anti-gay, just some of the younger members with a clue!
Don't be fooled,indeed. This all by design for the GOP. Muddy the waters with powerless,women in the party,making it look like progress. This won't even make news with the theocrats the run the base of the GOP,but we will talk about it and that is all they want. They are genius at shit like this,gotta hand it to em.
- I love Dan's post about this, because I was having the same thought in my head. I agree with @18 when he/she says that every little bit of support helps in the changing of public perception. Voices of dissent have their impact, though admittedly Barbara jr.'s voice isn't that important to many conservative voters.

What I have issue with is this whole idea that gay equality needs to be more "mainstream". As a gay man of color I am usually hesitant of any desire of going mainstream, because that often means buying into usually white, heteronormative, hegemonically masculine, judeo-christian bullshit of what constitues a loving or legitimate relationship. It also often means leaving behind people who do not fit into the mainstream mold, such as our transgendered brothers and sisters, femmes, butch dykes, queer people of color and poly's and bi's, etc. Equality should be about accepting a person as a fellow HUMAN BEING, not about having them conform to what someone decides is mainstream or acceptable.
gee Danny, GOProud must be in the 94% of homosexuals who take it in the ass (and don't squeal like bitches....)
Perhaps if you'd loosen up and use lube you would get along with the GOP better.....
i'm reminded, also, by cindy mccain's support for anti h8 ppl...
The men in power in the GOP don't give a shit about the opinions of Barbara or the McCain women. Why should I?
@19 BEG whenever I am confused by Slog, I turn to Urban Dictionary for my smutty translation needs. Pole smoking is not the act of being a good pole dancer, as I had thought, nor is it butt sex, which I thought next...lo, it is the artful blow job, apparently...
So I've been seeing/hearing interviews with gay Conservatives recently, and it's still totally surreal. Turns out gay people can hate dark-skinned people, foreigners, and the poor just as much as the next xenophobic Tea Party bigot. It's still confusing, though, as I would have thought their consignment to a legally-oppressed group that's vilified by many of their co-Conservatives might make them more sensitive to other false cultural narratives being spun by the right-wing propaganda machine.

@19: Yup, "pole-smoking" is a politer way of saying "cocksucking".
and this is why, no matter how greedy and corrupt the Dems in my state government get, I will never ever ever vote Republican. The Democrats want to pick my pocket, but at least they're willing to stay out of my bedroom and my doctor's office.
Is Barbara the one with the fat face or is that her sister?
How the fuck do all you old farts not know what pole-smoking means?
Ya know why all those women can say that they are for gay rights? Cause their republican MEN don't listen to a word they say. And in those Family First republican homes, that's the way they like it. Women's input doesn't matter.
@35 YES.

@16's opinion "I didn't do it because I thought it meant the Republican party was becoming less anti-gay. I did it because the more family members of prominent Republicans express their pro-gay-rights views, the more stupid, out of touch, and hypocritical those prominent Republicans look."

is cut to ribbons by that.

They don't give a shit what women say, think, or feel.
@34 Okay, smartypants, what is the etymology of "pole smoking"? Does it mean, "really hot," as in "Dude! Your boyfriend is totally smokin'!" Or does it mean "smoking" as in "going through the same action one would when smoking a cigarette," which doesn't seem all that appealing, for the non-smokers, anyway...and with the inhaling bit, ew...or is it something else entirely? And don't EVEN worry, I wasn't the least bit offended by the "old farts" thing...
@37 - the latter, and it makes about as much sense as "blow job".
Smoking Pole
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She replies, "Just big enough to fit a Camel."
@34: Careful, now. I've been using the expression "pole smoking" and its variants since before you were born, sonny.
@38 I've read that "blow job" is a shortening of "below job," as in, below the waist, FWIW...

@39 Hah!

@40 Yeah, BB, you tell him! You tell that little punk we'll hit him with our canes if he gets out of line again...
Strategy: Have pretty girls make us seem moderate. Somehow this works on gay guys.