In the early morning of February 2, a man called 911 to report that a security guard at QFC on Broadway and East Pike Street assaulted him with a baton. But he was the one who left in handcuffs.

According to a Seattle police report, store employees said that a man in his mid-30s was in the store apparently inserting something inside his jacket. Asked by the manager if he needed help finding anything, the man shot back, “No, motherfucker, and yes I did find what I want.” The man reportedly refused to leave, cursed, and then struck the manager with a shopping cart.

Then the security guard stepped in, police records say. While maintaining his streak of profanity, the man approached the guard “aggressively flailing” his arms in a threatening way. The security guard reportedly shoved him to the ground, later telling officers that he was in “fear of imminent attack.” The guard then waved his baton to fend of the man, he told cops, but never struck him.

The man has his own version of events: He called 911 and said he was hit with a baton, the police report continues. But when officers arrived, he said he was only threatened with a baton, but insisted the security guard shoved him to the ground and punched him in the head.

When medics arrived, they recognized the man from an incident earlier in the evening, where he was assaulted in a bus shelter. But he showed no fresh injuries. Under police custody, officers found four items that were confirmed by store employees to have been taken from the QFC. Three of the items were from the refrigerated section and still cold to the touch. He was booked into King County jail.