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  • It's PIE on a BICYCLE!

· PIECYCLE in the U-District: Every Friday and Saturday night, a guy cruises around on his bicycle taking pie wherever it is needed in the U-District and adjacent neighborhoods. You just text him your location and he brings you pretty damn good pie for $3 a slice. If you’re really hungry (or stoned), you can order a full pie for $20. Max Kraushaar, ladies and gentlemen: PIE HERO.

· DOPE BURGER in Belltown: Taking over the space that housed the Noodle Ranch for 1,000 years, Dope Burger offers “Seattle’s dopest burger!” The dopestness isn’t grass-fed or anything, but it is made with care—twice-ground Angus chuck beef, hand-formed in-house by a former Spring Hill chef—and a quarter-pounder will only set you back around $5. FYI, if you’re out drinking in Belltown, Dope Burger’s open until 1:30 a.m. on weekends.

· LE BON TON ROULÉ in Fremont: Kittie, the owner, is a veteran of at least a dozen Mardi Gras and Lowell’s in the Market; chef Edward Kenoyer comes from Flying Fish and the Stumbling Goat. They’re serving po boys and gumbo (and, eventually, oysters), along with Where Ya At Matt’s andouille sausage and king cake, too. For drinking—“We’re a juke joint, really, is what we are,” Kittie says—there’s New Orleans classics like hurricanes, death in the afternoon, and brandy milk punch (brandy, vanilla, and half-and-half). Good times!

· HUNG DE ASIAN CUISINE in Magnolia: Cantonese and Mandarin cuisine in Magnolia. We shall not make a joke about the name.

So much more below, it's not even funny.

· LEILANI’S LUMPIA LAND on Capitol Hill: Jesse Pablo is a friendly guy frying up lumpia for a dollar each inside a charmingly janky shack in a parking lot on Pine Street (it’s outfitted with a flashing OPEN sign and Christmas lights, across from the Baltic room). His version of Filipino egg rolls are made with phyllo dough and come with either meat or vegetarian fillings and sweet chili sauce. It’s 10 bucks for a “Party Pack” of 12 lumpia, bottled water costs a buck, and that is the menu. It’s open after the bars close, and when you are drunk, it is great.

· PIE in Fremont: The pie at pie-bakery and cafe Pie is really good—see “Save Your Fork, There’s Pie,”—and Pie also serves late-night pie until 2 in the morning on Friday and Saturday through a pie-window, so yay for that!

munchbar: Click to enlarge (if you wish for your brain to hurt even more).
  • munchbar: Click to enlarge (if you wish for your brain to hurt even more).

· munchbar in Bellevue: munchbar—the original is in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas—is a concept of the munchgroup. The menu is high-end comfort food. The interior is “graffiti-esque” and the “vibe” is “kinetic.” The adjacent dueling-piano bar is called Piano Bash. The prospect is exhausting.

· COMPANY BAR in White Center: “Awesome just went south” at this neighborhood place. Awesome also has a neat old sign reading "COMPANY" over the bar.

· WING CENTRAL in the U-District: The second location of Wing Central (the original is in Ellensburg) supplies the Ave with “chicken with attitude”: wings, burgers, sandwiches, and 101 beer options.

· LOCAL 360 in Belltown: The name of this new place in the old Flying Fish space refers not to a union sensibility but to a commitment to locally sourced products, within a 360-mile radius in most cases (“We believe in real food, grown and harvested by the good folks in our community who take care of their land for future generations…”). The menu is divided into “JUST WAKING UP,” “BEEN UP FOR AWHILE,” and dinner (no nickname), and the food’s in the comfort food/gastropub category: crispy pig ear, wild mushroom pot pie, beef tongue hash.

· LOCÖL in West Seattle: With a focus on beer and wine from local producers and a small menu of “contemporary comfort food” (when will the comforting stop?!), this neighborhood bar has a cozy interior with dark wood, mirrors, and a fireplace.

· WOODSKY’S in Fremont: Where the Dia de Los Muertos—themed Sinners and Saints used to be, now there is a place that is skiing-and-snowboarding-oriented. Never fear: Jell-O shots are available.

· NW PEAKS BREWERY in Ballard: It’s a nano-brewery, which means small, limited-edition batches of beer. Check the website before you go get your growler filled, as availability and hours change often.

· DAHLIA WORKSHOP in South Lake Union: Located inside South Lake Union's new Serious Pie, this biscuit bar offers biscuit sandwiches as big as your face with options such as fried chicken, ham, fennel sausage, eggs, gravy, more gravy, or seasonal jam. A tiny lunch menu (a sandwich, a salad, a soup) is served during the week.

· SOUL WINE in South Lake Union: A wine shop/bar/holding pen for South Lake Union’s Serious Pie from Michael Teer (of Pike & Western Wine Shop in the Pike Place Market).

· KAFFEEKLATSCH in Lake City: It’s “a social gathering around coffee.”

· WHY NOT PHO NOODLES AND TEA HOUSE in the U-District: Another option for noodles on the already-noodley Ave, Why Not Pho is slightly slicker than your average pho hut, with a red, white, and black color scheme and a no-MSG menu (including a few bonus Thai dishes).

Cafe Kanape: The art.
  • Cafe Kanape: The art.

· CAFE KANAPE on Capitol Hill: For 10 years, Sabine Ruthensteiner owned Contour downtown; now she’s running this Eastern European finger-food and crepe cafe and bar, using “substantially organic and local products.” Live music includes new age flamenco (!), and the art’s kinda weird, but the place is dark and sleek, and the staff is really nice.

· 50 NORTH in the U-District: A sister restaurant to the Hardware Store on Vashon Island, 50 North has upscale American food (which is probably comforting) with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients.

· RAZZI’S PIZZERIA in Greenwood: Formerly a Romio’s, Razzi’s kept some of the menu—including the WOW pizza with fresh garlic, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomato, and pesto—but added more vegetarian and gluten-free options.

NEW LOCATIONS OF EXISTING PLACES: LUNCHBOX LABORATORY relocated to South Lake Union · SERIOUS PIE in South Lake Union · STARBUCKS on Capitol Hill, formerly known as 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea Inspired by Starbucks, and before that, Starbucks · ’ZAW in Wedgwood · More info at

This post was assembled with the valiant assistance of Chow intern Rachel Eggers.