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I, for one, am having a tough time feeling optimistic about the way this story is developing.
@1, you mean optimistic like in Iran? No, of course, the thugs will win, and win easily once they take the gloves off. A thousand or two dead and everything will return to the way it was. For now.

It is absolutely clear to everyone now that the US government -- Democrat and Republican, now and forever -- is on the wrong side of history. Obama is afraid to back up his own words. It is painfully clear to everyone in the Middle East that "freedom" is just a word to us, and we have no desire or intention to see actual freedom happen.

Which is incredibly short-sighted. Egypt is a pressure cooker, and the lid's about to blow whether we like it or not. We're on the side of just sitting back and hoping that Mubarak lid stays on, him or someone just like him. But it's going to blow off, and when it does we will have missed a perfect opportunity -- the opportunity of a MILLENNIUM -- to be a model for the contents.

Instead, they will turn to extremists, or worse.

Of course, they were probably going to turn to extremists at first anyways, but THAT'S A RISK WE HAVE TO TAKE. There are no other options. But extremists who are grateful to the US for showing them that we back up the future Obama spoke of in his famous speech. Instead, he's proven that those were just words, and we think the Mubaraks of the world can stay forever. They cannot.

Instead, the model they see is the Iraq War. The WSJ and other outlets are still pushing the line that it was Bush's war that pointed the way to freedom, not Obama's speech, but there isn't a single person in the Middle East, even in the Iraq government, who believes that. And now, with Obama's turnaway, they don't believe ANYTHING we say, ever, on any subject at all.

Mubarak out now.
oh come on, this is still happening faster than when the Wall fell or Tunisia.

we're actually a bit ahead of the schedule in Tunisia, but you didn't see that cause it wasn't on US TV/MSM at the early parts.

I rest my case.
Since this began with Wikileaked cables, first pertaining to Tunisia, then next Mubarak, the comment below is very pertinent:

Sudan Atrocities, Swedish Oil Politics and Wikileaks

Now you may be acquainted with this report on atrocities in Sudan related to oil exploration, but were you aware of the possible connections to Sweden's obsession with extraditing Assange of Wikileaks back to Sweden?

Carl Bildt, Sweden's present Minister of Foreign Affairs, was a director off Lundin Petroleum during that time. When Bildt was the prime minister a few years back, he appointed Beatrice Ask, presently Sweden's Justice Minister, to her first cabinet appointment.

The original report on this can be found at the site below:…

A brief description from another site:
Carl Bildt was a member of the board of directors of Lundin Oil while a consortium of Swedish, Austrian and Malaysian companies were directly involved in starting and financing a bloody battle for oil resources.

The conflict killed 12,000 and forced another 160,000 from their homes.

The European Coalition on Oil in Sudan found that war crimes and crimes against humanity were perpetrated from 1997 - 2003, while the Swedes were leading the consortium....

Synopsis of events:

Originally, the bizarre and flimsy case against Assange was dropped due to lack of evidence.

Suddenly, Justice Minister Beatrice Ask, who was appointed originally by Carl Bildt, pressured the Swedish Prosecution Authority, which falls under her jurisdiction, to reopen the case.

Wonder if Bildt is worried about some information which might implicate him and Lundin in those Wikileaked cables?
It should be pointed out that Carl Bildt, Minister of Foreign Affairs, was also a director at the British MI6 cutout, Hakluyt & Company (ostensibly an international business intelligence company), and a recently public fellow, one Frank Wisner, Jr., is presently a director at the very same outfit.

Now it should be noted that Carl Bildt, quite the well-connected fellow, frequently attends those international Bilderberg meetings, with the likes of Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and the usual suspects of global finance and politics.

He is both listed as a member, and a specific addressee, in a declassified fax (Declassifying Authority: Office of the Secretary of Defense, also one of the addressees) and attendee listing dated 23 May 1996, from the executive secretary of that organization at that time, Maja Blanck (Fax # +31 20 624 4299).

(Here’s some recent listings)……
@2. thank you.

@5, no thank you.