Good work, haters:

The National Portrait Gallery exhibition Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture has gotten a lot of attention. Not for what's in it, but for what's been taken out — a controversial work of video art that briefly shows a crucifix covered in ants during a stream of powerful, often nightmarish images.

The show had been open for a month, and hadn't received a single complaint. Then the conservative Catholic League got wind of Hide/Seek and urged supporters to deluge the Smithsonian and members of Congress with grievances. Republican politicians including John Boehner and Eric Cantor—now the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader—advocated canceling the exhibition.... The response of the head of the Smithsonian was to pull the video. That was the wrong move, according an internal review conducted by the Smithsonian's board of regents.... Since the controversy erupted, "Fire In My Belly" has been viewed online more than a million times. It's been screened in solidarity by galleries nationwide, and was recently purchased by the Musuem of Modern Art.

So, Slog, I'm in D.C. today and I have a couple of hours free in the early afternoon. Planning to have lunch with my friend Hank and then we're gonna go for a walk. (It's gorgeous here today.) The last time Hank and I went for a walk we wound up peering through the windows of the Oval Office. We have two options for our walk today: we can stroll down to the National Portrait Gallery and check out Hide/Seek before it closes or we can sashay down to CPAC before it marches into Poland. Help us pick, Slog.