That's the news that's coming out of Egypt this morning, that President Hosni Mubarak will step down down in advance of large protests expected for tomorrow, and that the military will step in to maintain order. Both military and ruling party leaders have reportedly told the crowd in Tahrir Square that "all your demands will be met."

If true these developments should hearten leaders of America's own democracy movement, so teabaggers take heed: if your cause is just and the people are with you, take to the streets and the tyrant Obama will fall!

UPDATE: Via NPR, CIA Director Leon Panetta told a Senate committee this morning that there is a "strong likelihood" Mubarak will step down today.

UPDATE, UPDATE: Not much new information on Al Jazeera English at the moment that you can't get from the BBC and elsewhere, but you gotta watch their live stream from Tahrir Square for a few minutes, just to get a sense of the excitement.