Slog commenter Cato the Younger Younger adds his voice:

Dear Dean Jordan,

I have heard of the recent news that your college has decided to marginalize it's LGBT group "Haven." Are you aware of the vital importance that such a group holds in a college environment let alone a small Christian environment?

Let me tell you about my personal experience. I attended another Christian college in Washington State called Whitworth during the early 1990's. And while I attended that school I finally came to terms with my own sexuality and came out while attending the school. The harassment I went through from the student body and members of the facility was stunning.

My car was vandalized, I had a series of threats to my life from one of the Whitworth's baseball players who lived in the same dorm as me. I listened to one of my professors tell a class I was in that he "guessed that we should treat the gays like humans." He apparently had some reservations about being that kind to gay and lesbians while I was sitting right in front of him. And the worst came when I was physically assaulted by three students off campus in November of 1994. December 20, 1994 I took 5 boxes of sleeping tablets (I think they were Unisom) in an attempt to kill myself.

Had a group like Haven existed at Whitworth at the time I have no doubt things would have been different.

At the very least I could have had a group of people to talk to and who could provide emotional and moral support through my struggles. As it turned out the school didn't want to have anything to do with a support group for its LGBT students.

As a college administrator I am sure you place the highest commitment towards the safety and well being of your students who are under your care. One of my heroes from Whitworth, and one of my only supporters, was a professor who really understood the meaning of Mathew 25:40 "Verily I say unto you, In as much as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these least, ye did it unto me." And even after all I have read about you I know in my heart of hearts you care about your students as well.

Don't slam the door on a part of your student body simply because they are gay. The price is simply too high to pay.

Andrew Gilbert
"Cato the Younger Younger" from Slog

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