Now here's a meet-cute story for the ages:

KC Jansson came out to his parents in ninth grade. His parents sent him to counseling. Then he came out to them again as a high school senior. “My dad’s a Southern Baptist pastor in Missouri, in a small southern town.” he said. “They said I was either going to be on the streets or do it their way. They were going to pay 10 grand for me to go to this camp. I didn’t have a choice but to go there,” he said.

Larry Jansson, on the other hand, lived in Southern California and had very accepting parents. “I never thought I’d marry a small-town guy,” he said. “There was no God in my family. No church.” But when he was 18 and still struggling with his identity, Larry started doing theater with a Christian group. “They started doing their work on me,” he said.

He “got saved,” he said, by a group called Harvest Crusade. But from then until he was 26, he lived a double life. “I was either hanging out with these people who thought that I was a Christian or I was out totally doing the gay thing without them knowing,” Larry said. Then he found out about Love in Action, a group in Memphis, Tenn., that does “reparative therapy.” He decided that he was going to figure things out and so spent his entire $10,000 savings to attend.

KC and Larry wound up at Love in Action at the same time. You can read all about their wedding here.