White House criticizes Iran for arresting opposition leaders and blocking internet in Egypt's wake.

From my friend in Cairo, who was at home when Suleiman made the announcement about Mubarak's resignation, but who had been at Tahrir before that and returned afterward to celebrate:

Do you think the military will responsibly manage the transition?

we all respect the military institution
and for transition they are ok
and they promised the reforms that we want
and now if they dont stick to their words so we r back again in the streets

u know why this is unique?
bcoz this one of the revolutions in the world that had no leader
it was the people
...we had a long culture of "nothing can work, nothing will b better"
now we know that we can
everything can be changed

Also, check out this video from "Anonymous" to the people of Iran. I do not know what to think of it.