As Charles Mentions Below: Mubarak has stepped down as Egypt's president.

Alleged Men of God/Alleged Rapists: Three Philadelphia priests and a parochial school teacher were charged Thursday with raping and assaulting boys in their care.

On the Rise: King County property taxes.

'Man Up': "A Minnesota nurse who was supposed to sedate a patient before surgery instead took most of the painkillers for herself and told the patient to "man up"—giving him such a small dose of medication that he was writhing in pain on the operating table, according to criminal charges," reports the Associated Press.

No Means No (Even in Jail): Tacoma gang member accused of raping his cell mate on three different nights in Pierce County Jail.

Run, Donald, Run!: Trump 'seriously considering' run for President.

The Controversial Entubing of Ferrets: "A national physicians group has filed a federal complaint against the University of Washington, saying its use of ferrets to train medical residents in emergency procedures on babies and children violates a federal animal-welfare law," reports the Seattle Times.

Hoping for Job in a Hospital?: Stop smoking.

Finally, in less than ten hours on this day in 1963, the Beatles recorded 14 songs that would appear on their first album and next two singles. Here's one of them, which also happens to be the greatest song ever written about begging for a blowjob.