In this week's Stranger Suggests, you'll find this recommendation for Sunday February 13:


November (THEATER)
David Mamet's 2008 farce tracks the election machinations of an incumbent president who, in his dimness and oblivious moral pliancy, is clearly modeled on Dubya, but now serves to represent a whole class of terrifying would-be presidents hovering on the horizon. Mamet's play is fast, smart, and a little glib—but surprising—and here built around a dazzlingly accomplished lead performance by Seattle's Seanjohn Walsh. (New City Theater, 1404 18th Ave, 800-838-3006, 8 pm, $15 adv/$20 DOS) DAVID SCHMADER

The problem: November closes on Saturday February 12, a fact made clear on the New City Theater website, but stupidly missed by me during my Suggests investigation. Apologies for the flub, and interested parties should get themselves to November tonight or tomorrow.

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