Transition of power in Egypt: With Mubarak out, Egyptians are rejoicing, and the Egyptian military is in power, with plans to hand power over to the people, outlined in a statement released today by Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan: Today, Pakistani prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for former president Pervez Musharraf for possible involvement in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Maybe after this, they'll make some jobs? Maybe? House Republicans have announced significant budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, and they want to get rid of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting entirely.

Classy dude: Turns out the increasingly shady Julian Assange has a slew of love children.

Actual political position TBD: CNN reports that Sarah Palin has hired a chief of staff, Michael Glassner, to handle crosshairs-happy SarahPAC while she runs for president in 2012.

I have had it with these motherfucking rats on this motherfucking plane! The Associated Press reports that an Alaska Airlines flight was delayed at SeaTac when someone found a rat running around in the cabin.

Breaking: Oak Harbor residents are hoping that a bronze mermaid can be their Rachel the Pig.

Awwww: The Woodland Park Zoo has a new baby ocelot.

Finally, yesterday was hemline pioneer and designer Mary Quant's birthday, without which miniskirts might not exist. Here she is, sketching her masterpieces of brevity while Jacques Dutronc sings about miniskirts in French.