As part of a project that will culminate in a CD and concert in August, I recently interviewed five musicians and assigned them each a book based on those interviews. (I wrote about this on Line Out a little while back.) Over at Ball of Wax blog, I've been writing about the books I assigned and why I love them.

Here are the books I assigned: Pale Fire, Set This House in Order: A Romance of Souls, The Last Samurai, Bluets, and The Possibility of an Island.

That's four novels and one book of poetry. Three American authors (one of whom is a Seattleite), one Russian who became an American, and one Frenchman. A couple of them are books that caused quite a bit of controversy when they were released. At least two of them are criminally under-appreciated. They are all great books. If you're looking for the kind of book that rattles around in your head forever, changing things, I would urge you to give one of these five a try. Go read about them.