Another letter, this one from the blogger queenanneteacher:

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Dear Dean Jordan,

I am a graduate of SPU. I can no longer say that I am a proud graduate although the education I received and friendships I made in my time at SPU have been paramount to my success as an educator. I am writing in response to your decision to not recognize Haven or let the LGBT-support group meet on your campus. After reading Haven’s mission statement, I am asking you to reconsider your decision.

Haven exists to promote safe and respectful conversations, however, Haven will ensure that all views, even those in disagreement with SPU’s Statement, are presented fairly and treated impartially. Haven believes that only by promoting such open and safe conversations will SPU students be prepared to act, both publicly and privately, in ways that honor God and that care for one another” (Haven Mission Statement, 2011).

I believe this is respectful of both the University and Christian beliefs.

I work and live on Queen Anne, just up the street from your campus. I have taught at a private school for nine years and currently am teaching Pre-Kindergarten. I am also a mother to two young children. My son has recently picked up the word “hate” from his friends at school and I have been explaining to him why we do not use that word in our family.

Every year I teach my students about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. My son calls him “The Doctor”. One of my favorite moments in teaching my students about this period in our recent history are the looks of disbelief on their innocent faces. They just cannot comprehend why people could not use the same drinking fountains, bathrooms, or schools just because of the way they looked.

Would you have made the same decision for a support group of African-American students? What about women? Teachers? Everyone needs support. Everyone is going through a difficult time in their lives and young people need our love and acceptance.

Whether you believe being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual is a choice is not the issue. I personally believe it is not a choice but that is not the issue either. The issue is that everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are. I am shocked that even with the recent suicides of young people that you would make this poor decision.

We are trying to raise our children to be loving and accepting people. To be impeccable with both their words and actions. While you may not have used hateful words, your actions say otherwise. As of now, we could not consider SPU as a future college for our children.

If you change your decision and show Haven the support they need, you may lose some donors. But you will gain so many more. Please be a light in our community and world. Let’s show God’s love to everyone. This is what has been asked of us.


Katy Gibson
Pre-K Teacher, St. Anne School

A group of Seattle Pacific University alumni are collecting e-mail addresses here for a coordinated mass campaign in support of Haven.

You can reach Mr. Jordan here, and you can send me a copy of what you've sent him here.