Iran, Bahrain, Yemen.

Pissed-off people are making noise across the Arab world. Eight are dead in Iran. And an acquaintance in Yemen writes:

... they will protest like in Egypt, but the problem here is that everyone has a weapon. Actually there are 23 million people here and approximately 60 million weapons.

... I say that qat has saved the president's position until now because the people are too busy worrying about their qat. However, now that they have seen Tunisia and Egypt get freedom from their corrupted presidents, they want the same. You might want to know why he has stayed being president for so long. Well, he has always threatened instability and war inside Yemen if he leaves. People are scared and tired of war. Others have run against him, but they "lost," kind of like Gore lost to Bush, but 100 times worse.

Lately, the president made a big mistake. He tried to change the constitution so that he would be president for life. And he was conditioning his son to be the next president too. Like Syria's Asaad.

Yemenis wanted nothing of it. Now they are pissed.. So the president changed his mind that he was going to change the constitution. Too little too late most people say. He has also said that he will not run again in 2013. He probably won't last past 2011.

So to answer your question, yes, it has hit the fan.