What the Egyptian Military Did Yesterday: Dissolved Parliament, suspended the Constitution, and called for elections within six months.

Maksim Gelman: The man arraigned yesterday in NYC on four counts of murder after allegedly stabbing his stepfather, ex-girlfriend and her mother, then allegedly running down a pedestrian in an allegedly stolen car.

The CEO of Sunflower Farmers Market: Arrested on charges of child prostitution.

Lindy West: 1000 comments and beyond!

Meanwhile in Afghanistan: Taliban insurgents attacked a police station with car bombs, automatic rifle fire, and rocket-propelled grenades, killing at least 18 people.

Today in I Don't Get Paid Enough to Deal with This Shit: Pizza delivery man blinded with bleach in New Orleans, restaurant worker attacked with syringe of mercury in Georgia.

Bike Rage: "A Redmond cyclist is facing a felony charge following allegations that he smashed the window of a car that honked at him," reports Seattlepi.com.

Billions of Dollars: What Microsoft will pay Nokia to switch its smart phone software to Windows Phone 7.

Amtrak Service Between Seattle and Portland: Suspended because of mudslide.

In Search of the Elusive Fat Booty: Women are endangering their lives with pills designed to fatten up chickens.

The Grammys: A night of triumph for Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, and Arcade Fire.

Finally, happy Valentine's Day. Here is a love song.