Over the weekend, an unusual sound rang throughout Ballard—the Old Ballard bell tower, out of use since the '80's, tolled on February 12 to celebrate the 97th birthday of retired school teacher Bertha Davis. Davis has been fundraising to get the long-defunct bell functioning again. Thanks to her efforts, new plans are in the works to have it toll twice daily.

Meanwhile, West Seattle Blog presents a new MOHAI video, which explains the history and significance of the Admiral Theater in less than four minutes. This is required viewing for architecture buffs and cinephiles.

Speaking of film fans, take note: Central District News just posted a trailer for the new local film, 23rd & Union. The docu-drama blends narrative filmmaking and documentary footage to show the conflict between African Americans, Ethiopians and gay couples living side by side in the neighborhood that directly surrounds the intersection in the title.

And drivers, pay up: the SR520 Good to Go campaign launched today, which means you can now buy your pre-paid pass for electronic tolls on the 520 bridge. The crazy part is you can still drive across the bridge without a pass, but WSDOT agents will follow you back to your house and threaten you at gun point until you fork over the cash mail a bill to the vehicle’s owner.