Sometimes leadership is hard. If your followers can only understand the simplest commands ("go left," "go right," and "jump") and can't distinguish between themselves so each one follows each of your orders, you should expect nothing more than chaos, madness, and death. But if the last ten years have taught us nothing else, they've shown that stupid + more stupid = hilarious, at least for privileged, consequence-free First World assholes like us. Trying to control the antics of the aptly named Tealy and Orangey simultaneously is challenging, but not maddening—players capable of planning ahead and pushing a few buttons in quick succession should be able to help the two to safety. Each level contains terse, not-quite taunting instruction, and the visual design is a throwback to old Commodore machines and reminiscent of last year's tiny hit VVVVVV. The designer believes that all 20 levels can be beaten in less than an hour, and so do we.

Left! LEFT!
  • This is you.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.