I mentioned this in comments on Dan's post, even though it's not really my place to weigh in on this—puns!—but if I was silent every time it wasn't my place, well... I'd be someone else. Or at least working somewhere else, because this is one of the few places you can comment on anything and, you know, keep your job. So I'll say this: Slog's a very public platform for people who like each other to disagree. So. Kudos to Dan for creating this venue where folks can spit at him. Kudos to Lindy for taking on a formidable debater.

As for the "fat is changeable" "no it isn't" argument and its many nuances... I won't go there. But I will go here: I applaud Dan's track record on this issue—and lots of other issues—and I applaud Lindy for tackling it from a personal perspective. Neither argument is perfect, admittedly, but they both get a gold star from me.

Responding to some criticisms I've heard, what's not amazing here is that Lindy is "standing up to her boss" or something (again, Savage encourages this stuff). It's that she's taking on a good fighter on stage. But some folks have reduced an obviously complicated issue into a two-dimensional argument (hate vs. weight) or a simplistic reading of a workplace dynamic (stand up to that mean boss). Anyone who buys into that or thinks Savage is anything short of gracious around here—he's so polite and supportive it's actually a little unsettling—misses the point entirely.