Tats: Whiz or not, you know you want it.
  • Kelly O
  • Tat's: Whiz or not, you know you want it.
In my second Pioneer Square sandwich review, I wrote, "While you could opt for a more cheeselike cheese—provolone and mozzarella are on the menu—you really should make like they do in Philly and go for the Cheez Whiz."

Today, I got a personal request from Slog Tipper Jeff, who says:

...please stop spreading the myth that a "traditional cheesesteak" comes with Whiz. The only two places that really push Whiz are Pat's and Geno's a.k.a. the grossest steaks in the city.

Anyone worth their salt in Philly (John's, Steve's, Jim's Dellesandro's) is typically using slices of American Cheese. And I would venture that around 70-80% of Philadelphians prefer American Slices.

While it may not be such a far cry flavor wise, it's leaps and bounds different in texture.

Noted, Jeff, and thank you. I've never lived in Philadelphia, so my big fucking mouth doesn't know what it is talking about. My big fucking mouth does know, however, that the cheese steak and Whiz at Calozzi's and Tat's are both awesome. Traditional or not, they are great.