Here's more information about the battle waged at Tehran University of the Arts that Darya mentioned last night with the post:


The background, from blogger homylafayette:

A day after a university student was shot to death during anti-regime protests in Tehran, a battle is waging for his soul.

Saneh Jaleh, 26, was killed on Jamalzadeh Street, north of Azadi Street which was the main fulcrum of demonstrations on February 14.

News outlets close to the government now claim that he was a supporter of the regime and that he was shot by agents provocateurs controlled by various opposition groups...

'He was definitely not a Basij member,' said Hatef Soltani, one of Jaleh's friends and former fellow students who accepted to speak on the record by telephone, referring to the pro-regime militia which has employed violence to subdue previous rallies. 'He participated in past demonstrations, particularly on Ashura,' added Soltani. 'He managed to escape harm that day, but this time...'

Fars News, which has been known to make creative use of Photoshop, published what it purported to be Saneh Jaleh's Basij membership card at 2 PM. But some inconsistencies in the document were quickly pointed out by Internet users. Blogger Irandust2000 wrote that the stamp on the photo bore the name of the town of Paveh, but that the back of the card had a postal code for Tehran...

Jaleh was a theater major at an arts university in Tehran, and the government announced it would lead a funeral march for the "martyr," starting at the school. A roughly translated eyewitness account of what happened is after the jump.

Meanwhile, Fars News is reporting that the unrest in Iran is the fault of—guess who?—"Zionists" and the United States. (And the latter, apparently, is also trying to "derail" the revolution in Egypt.)

Anyway, back to Tehran University of Arts...

This eyewitness report from a student at the funeral comes courtesy of and Google translator:

The student who spoke on condition of anonymity, said words to the reporter: "Now many people have been arrested. One of my friends just call announced in a hidden corner of the University is not arrested because the polices are Hmlhvr students."

The presence and students about the funeral mobilization says: "in the morning, troops brought into the University and the University were filled, such that their numbers compared with art students was very impressive and had everything in hand and practically in the University Students were not provided. Now, perhaps less than 400 students at the University is left, because I see the morning with a university crowd that was out there were hoping to attend the ceremony for the Islamic Society at 12 am, return."

His friends with great concern the situation at the university, about the incident today, saying: "First plainclothes kids ears were collected, then the pressure and violence, and they all pushed back into the Farabi Hall sent. Then came these obscene and attacked the students with batons and Hemlock students went to John and one of the detained students."

Whether the police had been to university? Agrnh, by students who were arrested?

"By plainclothes. No police inside the university did not start. These were the same forces that morning for the funeral were university and now Mrasmshan despite being still remain at the university and to beat and arrest those acting art students."

Whether university officials and university president also attended the ceremony?

"Yes, the president of the University and Mavnthay and security officials; all were present at the ceremony."

When it encounters and beat Shtmha officials were on campus? Whether the protest was to beat the students?

"Certainly were at the University, but I did exactly that when both premises were attacked these obscene or not. But surely the university students were present and hearing screams."

Do Lbasshkhsyha influx following the student protests? That slogan, or a reaction occurred from which students begin to conflict and tension?

"No, no. Because the students were left stunned in the morning only and only appearance of certain students who are art students. Students were just crying and constantly on the club? Population screaming their heads and Hawr smokers, frightened and side walls were Khzydh University. Conversely, all the time Lbasshkhsyha tried to tense atmosphere. The students would come and my students chanted as they would stimulate the reaction. But the students I would just cry."

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These obscene chants and clothes, what was?

"Death and Death Karroubi Mousavi. Many slogans against Hashemi Rafsanjani."