From an acquaintance in Sana'a:


Well, it got pretty bad today. You should look at aljazeera the news channel website. They were fighting today... The streets were filled with protesters especially from the University of Sana'a. I'm up in the mountains, so I haven't seen anything myself today. But on the news, the protest was in front of Happy Land, a famous supermarket, and there were broken rocks there from people fighting each other.

Anyway, I feel safe at the moment.

I hope it stays that way.

Tomorrow is the big day in Yemen, what they're calling "Friday of Fury."

From Al Jazeera:

A group of senior clerics in Yemen has called for the formation of a national unity government in order to save the country from chaos.

The influential figures are demanding a transitional unity government that would see the opposition represented in key ministries, followed by elections in six months.

They say the move would place Yemen in the same situation as Egypt and Tunisia, without suffering bloodshed...

"Police are trying to form lines to separate protesters and pro-government supporters - but they're also attempting to disperse crowds with live ammunition, a sign of the very tense situation in the capital ahead of calls for tomorrow's 'Friday of Fury'," said Hashem Ahelbara, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Sanaa.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera is taking heat for being silent about the South African journalist who was brutally beaten and raped on the streets of Cairo by worked-up protesters. (Just because a news agency does some things well doesn't mean it does everything well.)

And, finally, some internationalist images images going around Iran:


Is that Farsi for "Si Se Puede/Yes We Can"?

Alternately, is that a pro-government poster trying to paint Mir Hossein Mousavi as an agent of Obama? The photo positioning doesn't suggest that to me (Obama looks friendly, not menacing or scheming), but what do I know? Can any of you Sloggers read the slogan?


Darya writes from Tehran:

Support The Stranger

this poster means obama and mosavi and the other guy are all EVIL and the written text means: "Down with you, go to hell."

So. That's that.

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