Maybe you slept in and relaxed this weekend, but not the folks in Wisconsin, where the Cheese Revolution against the anti-worker/anti-Democratic dictator continues to grow.

  • Kamal Abbas of Egypt's Centre for Trade Unions and Workers Services sends a video message to the workers of Wisconsin that "We stand with you as you stood with us."
  • Speaking of support, folks from outside Madison have been showing theirs in a very pragmatic way, by sending the protesters pizza and other food. Orders have been phoned in from at least 30 states and five countries, including, yes, Egypt.
  • And there are a lot of mouths to feed, as police estimate that nearly 70,000 protesters converged on the state Capitol in Madison on Saturday, only "hundreds" of them teabaggers.
  • The teachers union has called on its members to return to work this week, but a massive demonstration is planned for today.
  • Only three unions, the firefighters, the police and the state troopers, endorsed Republican Gov. Scott Walker in November. Yesterday, Tracy Fuller, the Executive Board President of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association, withdrew his endorsement.
  • Moderate Republicans (is there still such a thing) are reportedly floating a compromise, while hard-liners are rumored to be planning to get around the three-fifths quorum requirement by removing the union-busting measures from the budget, and passing them separately.
  • Meanwhile, Senate Dems vow to continue their exile in Illinois until Gov. Walker agrees to negotiate.

The weather is lousy in Madison—freezing rain and unsafe roads—so that will likely reduce the crowds today, but I'll be listening for reports from the ground all day.