In 2009, Seattle taxpayers shelled out $96,695.57 to pay the salary of Seattle Police Department officer Steve Pomper, the officer who calls anyone in support of racial justice "the enemy." Aside from shitting on the people who pay his salary, what else does he do?

He blogs! Has his blog shown any evolution since being called out in the media for despising the people he's sworn to serve? Has the media shit storm tempered his (arguably racist) bullshit? Has the condemnation of the fucking mayor in a State of the Entire Goddamn Motherfucking City speech watched by scores of thousands of people yesterday given Pomper a single drop of humility?

Of course not. Today, Pomper blogs that the "warriors" of SPD are "under assault by social justice tyrants." Jesus Persecution Complex Christ.

Why? Because—despite the SPD command staff reorganizing, despite the media and Seattle residents flipping out like bobble-headed Edvard Munch dolls, despite the mayor saying yesterday that "there is no place in the Seattle Police Department for those who do not share our values"—there aren't any ramifications for Pomper's hydrant-like stream of bile.

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Yesterday, McGinn made the case that SPD needs to cull new officers from Seattle. Currently, 300 cops are eligible for retirement (roughly 1/4 the department). I bet my less-than-$100K-salary that Pomper doesn't live in Seattle. And honestly, I think Seattle residents and Pomper himself would be happier if he was policing the shacks and barns of Enumclaw. Let them pay his salary.

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